Thursday, August 7, 2008

New food at the CoHo: not your average grub

Real plates, fresh sandwiches, just-baked pastries: yum.

Although I haven’t been able to sample all of the CoHo’s new cuisine, there’s definitely something to be said for the revamped menu. Eating off real plates, with real silverware, in comfy chairs…I’m already ready for a more gourmet dining experience.

Personal favorites:
Chicken salad croisssaindwich: at the cheapest sandwich at $4.95, if you’re looking for a nice sized sandwich on the go, this is your pick. The best perk, in my opinion, is the super fresh croissant that the sandwich comes on. The chicken salad is standard without any weird surprises, but surprisingly good. Pick up some chips if you don’t think it’ll be enough to satisfy you. Salt and Vinegar are my fave....but they're only for the adventurous.

Ham/Mozzarella Panini: The mozzarella is much much nicer than your standard American processed cheese, and the panini’s come with a fresh garden salad tossed in a vinaigrette on the side so that you feel like you’re getting some greens, which I appreciate.

Chai lattes: personally, I can’t get enough of them. Uses Oregon Chai mix (same as Peet’s coffee/other major coffee houses) and you can choose either non-fat or whole milk. Go for the non-fat if you want it a little spicier. Also, note the Clover Organic Milk you're getting. Nice.

Pastries: you may gawk initially at the relatively high price of the pastries (around 3.00), but don’t be fooled. I’ve now tasted five different kinds, and have not been disappointed. Having just come back from a quarter abroad in Paris with a daily intake of 2 pastries/day, I had high expectations. They’re fresh, clean, baked daily on site, and there’s a wonderful variety that changes every day. Favorites so far: cheesecake tart and their infamous chocolate cake. Don't miss 'em.

more reviews coming soon...!

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