Monday, June 23, 2008

First Jazz Jam at the CoHo

Seeing is believing I guess. I've been a CoHo believer from the beginning and throughout this last year in its absence. Tonight is special - it's the first night the CoHo - the REAL genuine CoHo - is back! and what better way to celebrate than with an innaugaral jazz jam session. The house band is all Stanford grads - Jake Smolowe, Mitchell Wilcox, and Gabe Davis (aka The Jazz Party) - all successful musicians now in the bay area.

Now, once I had taken care of the first order of business - that is, ordering my first CoHo chai latte in over a year - I sat down and over the course of an hour watched as people starting filling the many new comfy chairs. The first night the CoHo is open, it is packed. I can't wait to see it during the academic year.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome back to the CoHo!

After a year of dark windows, administrative decisions, and student petitions, the much beloved Stanford Coffee House is now back and better than ever!