Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First of all, thank you CoHo lovers for all of your feedback! Because of the overwhelming responses and thoughts, we aren't able to reply to each person's email or post. However, we are listening to each one! In the coming weeks, you should begin to see changes underway in regards to replacing plastic spoons with biodegradable and metal cutlery as well as seeing composting bins in the dining area. (More to come on that.) We are grateful to you and are excited to serve you in this capacity!

Secondly, as you are well aware...this weekend is a special little holiday. We thought up a great menu with an amazing price. We will be serving it all day February 13th and 14th. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us a The CoHo!

White fish shrimp and mango ceviche $5.95
Zucchini flower, mushroom & zucchini risotto with lemon sauce $6.95
Add salmon $1.75 | Add chicken $1.25
Signature tiramisu with berry sauce $5.50
Beignets and chocolate sauce $5.00

Be cozy this weekend. Be cozy at The CoHo!

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